You and your phone have a very personal and intimate relationship.

Your phone knows you better than you know yourself. Treat your phone with respect. Get light weight apps that not only save your phone’s battery life, but improve your own mental abilities. At the same time, you’re having fun. We put the smart back in your smart phone.

Efficient, smart, and fun! A triple threat.

Our apps are designed to hone in on your skills.

Reflexes are everything. We use our reflexes all of the time. While in traffic, or multi-tasking, your brain works purely on reflexes.

Why do our apps cost money?

We don’t believe in sharing your personal information, or showing you “relevant” ads. We believe that when you use your  phone for a task, be it play a game, or read an email, that task requires your full, undivided attention. In order for us to provide you with the best service possible we charge a small, affordable fee, one time only. With that fee comes unlimited upgrades and updates to that one app. You buy once and use for life. That sense of comfort you get from not worrying is priceless.

Save, learn and enjoy!